About me

Kennel Finnhunter

I’m breeding in the Labrador Club Deutschland e.V. and I’m also a member in the Deutscher Retriever Club e.V., thus associated with the VDH.


I’m living with Labrador Retrievers in the still young city Waghäusel, which is in the Rhine plain between Mannheim and Karlsruhe. My house with a garden is located at the outskirts of the district Kirrlach, from where you can reach the forest that surrounds the district over fields and meadows within two minutes.


My dogs are living with me in the house together and are an essential part of my everyday life. It goes without saying to me that I provide my dogs with optimal surroundings with plenty of run, as well as a race-specific training.


My breeding goal is to consolidate the ideal Labrador and its typical nature, which is characterized by a great capacity for adapting and a strong will to please its owner. Health and appearance, as well as good working abilities, are also of course of great importance.


In January 2009 I participated in the LCD-breeder seminar and in March my breeding station decreased. Shortly after that I received the breeding permission of the Labrador Club Deutschland. Since October 2009, my kennel name is “Finnhunter” and internationally registered by the FCI/VDH.


After the very first litters in the year 2011 and 2013, I took up a new challenge, the hunting licence.

After I passed the hunting trial in summer 2015, a German short-haired pointer joined me and was an ideal addition to my Labradors. The German short-haired pointer is an Allrounder, which displays his qualities especially at pointing, blood tracking, blind retrieve and retrieving.

As a hunter, I am able to consolidate and intensify gundog work and further training of my dogs within hunting ground and practical hunting.


Finally, I wish you a lot fun while browsing my homepage.


Rebecca Luft