8 weeks are over and I had to say goodbye to my J-dwarfs. Always a very emotional moment with a lot of heartache. But I found again nice people for my babies and wish all the best. Much health and joy for the future in their new home. As always, the farewell pictures can be found in the PUPPYGALLERY.


Already again 7 weeks past and so slowly the farewell approaches. Soon the J-litter will move out into the big wide world. There are new pictures in the PUPPYGALLERY.


We made our first trip into the countryside.

The first car ride, through Waghäusel and across the field into the forest, the dwarves have mastered super. Then it was off to the meadow to play and discover. The rascals had a lot of fun. New pictures and a video can be seen in the PUPPYGALLERY.


It’s half time, the J-litter is 4 weeks old and now comes the active part of puppy rearing. Wrestling, barking, pinching and power struggle is on the agenda. It is always so nice to see how fast the pups grow and discover new things every day.

There are new pictures with the names in the PUPPYGALLERY.


The J-litter is 3 weeks old and the puppies have developed well. Now comes the phase where you can watch them grow and molt into real little dogs. You can’t get enough of them! There are new pictures in the GALLERY.


The J-Puppies were 2 weeks old yesterday and slowly they become more active. Eyes and ears are open and I have made NEW PICTURES.


I am happy about my J-Litter, it was born on September 12th, 2021!


There are 2 black males, 1 yellow male, 3 black females and 3 yellow females.

Mother and puppies are healthy and lively.


You can already see a small video and pictures in J-LITTER-GALLERY.


The I-litter has moved out and the little dwarfs are now starting their adventure with their new families.

I wish all puppies and the new owners a great, long and healthy life.

The last pictures can be found in the I-LITTER GALLERY.


The I-litter is now 6 weeks old and they had their first outings.

Now they are already really little dogs and they had a lot of fun with mommy Lotta in the grass.

New pictures are in the PUPPY-GALLERY.


Half time…

the Yellows are now 4 weeks old and become so really active. Gone with the quiet time, now they are fighting, barking, yelping and nipping. This is of course very important for the further development of the mini-labbies. A small yellow bunch, which makes me a lot of fun again. New pictures are in the PUPPY GALLERY.


The I-litter is 3 weeks old and develops great.

Luckily the sun showed up for a few hours, so I could take the first outdoor photos.




The puppies are 2 weeks old.

Sadly Frappuccino died on Saturday, R.I.P. little Labbi-Boy.


There are new pictures in the I-litter gallery.


The I-litter is 1 week old and introduces itself – puppy gallery.


The boys:

Finnhunter Ice Coffee Frappucino (green)

Finnhunter Ice Coffee Flavour (blue)


The girls:

Finnhunter Ice Cream Soda (red)

Finnhunter Ice Cream Vanilla (yellow)

Finnhunter Ice Cream Tiramisu (orange)

Finnhunter Ice Cream Amaretto (purple)

Finnhunter Ice Cream Caramel (salmon)


Today my I-litter was born.

There are 2 yellow males and 5 yellow females, mother and babies are well.

I am looking forward to the next 8 weeks.




I went to ultrasound with Lotta today and pregnancy was confirmed.

The I-litter with yellow puppies is expected at the end of April.


More information about parents, pedigree and other data you can find *HERE*.

If you are interested in a puppy, please feel free to contact me at my mobile number: 0049 171 86 70 708.


My J-litter planning with Finnhunter Fjord Kiviä for autumn/winter 2021 is fixed.

Father of the puppies will be the yellow male:

Conquest Mar-Moye Mr Majestic Bella Mare


More info *HERE*.


If you are interested in a puppy, you can contact me at my
mobile number: 0171 86 70 708.


I plan my I-litter in spring / summer 2021.


More information about the parents and the pedigree can be found under LITTER PLANNING.


If you are interested in a puppy, you are welcome to contact me from now on under my
mobile number: 0171/8670708.