Today on St. Nicholas Day I received a very good and not so good news.
Finnhunter El Negro was freely evaluated with HD: A2/B1 and ED: 0/0 as well as OCD. I’m very happy about that.
Unfortunately, Finnhunter El Picar will not go into the breeding, she was evaluated with HD: D1/B2 and ED: 0/0 as well as OCD freely.


Flora du Puits de Chanteins *Lani* search a new home.

She is born in 2010, castrated, HD + ED free, has passed the physical test and knows basic obedience. Lani is a very loving and cuddly dog, which is gladly given to a family with children.
For further questions and information please contact me by phone:

Telephone: 0049 7254/740014

Mobil: 0049 171 / 8670708


I have post from Finnhunter Bamboo and great news, which I can not repeat as his family describes it.

So here in original  


“My heart-dog ❣️

He is FH2 champion in our club and thus qualified for the championship in 4 weeks .

I’m so proud of him  .

He’s such a great dog! Always with lots of joy, fun and euphoria for everything to have .

Thank you again for entrusting us to it .”



Yesterday I was with Lotta (Lancôme du Puits de Chanteins) to the LCD physical test in Mehlingen. The judge Birgit Muhr has certified, that Lotta has a „character“ now . I would like to thank the judge and the organizing team for the perfect day. It was a nice day with nice people.


Unfortunately Lani is not pregnant :-(, so I don’t expect puppies. I plan my next litter probably in 2018, of course concrete informations will be announced in time.


Lani (Flora du Puits de Chanteins) was mated on April 30, with the beautiful boy Banana (CH Bruno Banani Bella Mare). Now it’s called thumb press and wait . End of May is ultrasound and if everything goes well I’m expecting pure yellow puppies around July 2. Further information on the parents under *current litter*.


If you are interested in a puppy, please contact me early under my mobile phone number: 0049 171 8670708


I had to change my litter planning in the short term and chose a other male: CH Bruno Banani Bella Mare. All information about the mating can be found under *Litter Planning*. If you are interested in a puppy, please contact me early under my mobile phone number: 0049 171 8670708.


Lani got her heat much earlier than expected. That is why puppy planning is postponed to summer instead of autumn. More under *Litter Planning*.


My black Labrador male Mallorn’s Calvin is for sale!


He is 6 years old in August, has the mental test and knows the basics of obedience. Calvin is only for sale as a FAMILY DOG, but not with small children.


All data and information about Calvin can be found HERE.


Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.
Telephone: 0049 7254/740014
Mobil: 0049 171 / 8670708


There are lots of new pictures !

Last week I had a date with Photographer Ralph Benz again to make new pics of my Youngsters for their websites. Moko is now 6 months old and the two Finnhunter kids – El Picar and El Negro – are 4 months old. During the shoot I practiced with them the standing and they had first steps with hunting training.


On the websites of Moko, Picar and Negro, head and stand images were inserted and the remaining super-beautiful pictures were inserted into the galleries.


The first pictures of my E-dwarves in their new home have arrived.

Gallery E-litter development in pictures

All have arrived well in their families and are causing a lot of great moments. I am very happy that the E’s goes well and thank you for the pictures of your loved ones.

Pictures of El Negro and El Picar will follow shortly.


I am very happy about the great X-ray results of my Lotta (Lancóme du Puits de Chanteins). She was freely evaluated with HD A2 / A2, ED 0/0 and OCD (shoulders).


Amy (Eden du Puits de Chanteins) is now retired and will support me as “Omi” in the future with the puppies.


El Picar and El Negro, out of my E-Litter, have both got their own websites. Current pictures will be coming soon.


Last but not least, there is still reinforcement in the pack!
A small brown boy named “Maori Moko du Puits de Chanteins”, nickname Moko, belongs to my pack now. I am very curious about how he is developing and what the future will bring. Current pictures are online soon.


I wish all Finnhunter children and their families, friends and acquaintances, a happy new year.

May all your wishes come true! 


With the turn of the year came the day to say goodbye. My E-Puppies have moved into their new home and they make the lives of their new people jumble.



I wish you all the happiness of the earth, a wonderful childhood and only joy with your two-legged friends. About pictures and reports of your new life, I would be very pleased.

El Picar and El Negro stay with me and strengthen the Finnhunter team .