The E-Litter is now 7 weeks old and there are new pictures in the E-Litter-Gallery.

All puppies have found their families and soon they will move into a new home. Out of small helpless bundles have been strong Labrador children who are ready for new adventures. The next week I will still enjoy the short time, until it will be calm in the house.


For my planned F-Litter in autumn of 2017 I gladly accept now already inquiries.


Now the „Babies“ are already 6 weeks old and last week the first car trip was announced. In my Land Rover, where they sat very high in the trunk, we drove to the vet for chipping. Completely relaxed and curious the passing landscape was observed during the journey. At the veterinarian they were curious and let placed the chip put without grumbling. All around a successful trip . Pictures of the trip can be found in the E-Litter-Gallery.


Today we got the photos of the puppy shooting with Ralph Benz, which we did between the 3rd and 4th week of life.

Look at the E-Litter Gallery.


Unbelievable as time runs, now the dwarfs are already 5 weeks old and there are again new pictures in the E-Litter-Gallery. As fast as the weeks go by, the little fur noses grow as fast. I enjoy every day with them.


The puppies are now 4 weeks old and need more place. Fortunately, the weather played with me and I could go with them for the first time in the garden.

Curious and courageous they fought with a kite and jumped without a doupt in a bath full of balls .

As always, there are pictures in the Puppy Gallery.


In addition, I had a puppy-shooting-date between the 3rd and 4th week, the pictures are still in work and will be set soon.


The E-dwarfs are now 3 weeks old and there are new pictures in the E-Litter-Gallery. They are becoming more and more active and they changed to the puppy room, so they have more place. They are snarling, barked and must pulled at everything. Again and again amazing, how quickly a dog puppy develops.


The puppies are 2 weeks old and life comes into the puppy box. Eyes and ears are open and the environment is slowly perceived. We can watch as they grow and thrive. New pictures are in the E-Litter-Gallery.


On November 1st, my E-litter was born. There are 7 strong puppies, including 5 males (2 black, 3 yellow) and 2 black bitches.

The proud mom and her lively 7 dwarves are doing very well.


More information and pictures will follow soon.


My website has been completely redesigned, a lot has been added, the design changed and now, it is made compatible for phone and tablet.
Thanks to my longtime webmaster Petra Stroh, who has implemented the whole thing exactly according to my ideas.

I wish all visitors a lot of fun!


The male of the E-litter is now clear.
Amy will be mated by CH Queijeiro Dolce Gabbana at the end of August.

More information under Litter Planning.


My D-Litter is unfortunately only one bitch. That’s why I no puppy for sale in the moment.

But I have Litter Plannings in future, please look under „Litter Planning“. If you are interested in a puppy, please contact me early.