Our A-litter celebrates its 2nd birthday! Congratulations and wish all the best!


The Puppies are 7 weeks old and new pictures are online!


We have new pictures of the puppies at the age of 5 weeks.


Puppy pictures of the 2nd week are online.


We are so sad! Last Friday CHEYENNE went over the rainbow bridge .

Just like her brother Cherokee, was not fully developed their lungs and therefore she had no chance.


There are puppy pictures of the 1st week in the gallery.


After an unsuccessful fight our male FINNHUNTER CHEROKEE asleep unfortunately last Sunday evening forever.

It’s sad, because he could be just 8 days with us. Goodbye, little friend !


We have puppies!


We are very excited about our black six pack consisting of 3 males and 3 females. All are alive and well.


After today’s ultrasound examination at the vet, our suspicions was confirmed.

Tessa gets puppies! Our C-litter we expect the end of August.


With our planned C-litter a dream came true for me with this mating.


I thank Anu Honkapirtti that I could mate Tessa in Finland with the beautiful male Rosemade Ippolito end of June.

If all goes well, we expect a pure black litter at the end of August.


A beautiful, eventful and sometime stressful time is ending.

Our B puppies are in their new home and prepare their new families only joy.

We are missing all of you very much and we are already looking forward to seeing you again soon.


The puppies are 6 weeks old and there are new pictures in stand in the gallery.


Last weekend our little ones were the first time in garden. They explored many new items and toys. New pictures in puppies gallery.


Our puppies are 4 weeks old and we have new pictures in the gallery.


Today the puppies open their eyes and ears at the age of 2 weeks. They try the first steps slowly, which still looks very shaky.

We have again new pictures in the puppy gallery. Have fun watching it.


Our B-litter presents himself. Single portraits are online in our puppy gallery.


All puppy parents of the A-litter and the future parents of the B-litter we wish Happy Easter.


The first pictures of the puppies are online.


After an uncomplicated birth, gave us Amy on passed Sunday morning 8 beautiful puppies. Our B-litter consist of 3 black males, 2 black females, 1 yellow male and 2 yellow females. The mom and the little ones are well. The first puppy pictures will soon be available in the section puppies.


After the ultrasound examination from February 19, is safe now; Amy is pregnant! We are looking forward to the upcoming time and hope for a smooth birth of the puppies.

If you are interest in a puppy, please contact us only by telephone.


Yesterday it finally happened, Amy was mated by Svante. Now we hope to beautiful black and yellow puppies. More information will follow in 3-4 weeks.


We wish all friends a successful and healthy New Year!