My pack has increased by 3 youngsters:

Finnhunter Fjord Kiviä – girl out of my F-litter

Finnhunter Fjord Valot – boy out of F-litter

KendyStyle Tea Biscuit – chocolate girl


I got many pictures of a few F-children in their new home and I would like to thank their families for them. I am very happy that everyone is doing well and having a lot of fun.



I plan my next litter in summer/autumn 2019, the stud dog will be announced soon.


Finnhunter Fjord Kuunvalo – boy, 6 months old – to give into good hands!

If you are interested in this little boy, please contact me:

Phone: 0049 7254/740014 – Mobil: 0049 171 / 8670708